Aquaphalt – Permanent Pothole Repair


During the ever changing weather,  you may have been delaying the maintenance of some of your outdoor work such as pothole repair. But, why wait? Aquaphalt applications can be completed during most weather conditions even including snow and rain. Even below freezing temps are no limitation.

Here are a few of the features:

  • Save money by using a product that lasts
  • It cures quickly
  • Easy set-up
  • No special tools needed
  • No specialty or large crews needed

Aquaphalt is a permanent fix that is supported with a 3 year warranty!



Is there an ice melt safe for concrete?

Caution Ice

Freezing precipitation is here! We’ve provided Tips on How to Winterize an In ground Pool and Steps to Protect Your Swimming Pool Equipment from Freeze Damage so you’re well equipped to protect your swimming pool and pool equipment during the winter. But, what about your concrete?

During the chilly winter, we’re bound to have freezing rain or snow leading to iced over concrete sidewalks and entrances. It goes without saying that you wish to prevent your guests and residents from any injuries caused by ice. Using ice melt will clear your walkways & make it safe for your guests and residents. But, melting snow with salt will create another problem within the cracks and crevices of your concrete.

Your concrete is subject to freeze damage.  Once you apply ice melt, the water will possibly run into your concrete’s cracks and crevices.  Depending on the temperature, the water may refreeze within the cracks, expand and leave your lovely concrete pathways appearing like the concrete in the images below:

No one wants unsightly walkways as a result of ole man winter and no one certainly intends to ignore the need to use ice melt altogether as doing so could have serious consequences. Now, you’re probably wondering how to melt ice without destroying your concrete.  You can continue to use salt for ice but you should use salt that’s safe for concrete.

To date, Ice Fighter Plus® is the only patented snow and ice melt salt safe to use on concrete.  Ice Fighter Plus® is a 2 component system made of a propolyice patented inhibitor coated into the ice melt product. Melted ice/snow combines with the propolyice to form a polymer barrier that reduces the amount of water entering into the pores of the concrete. With Ice Fighter Plus®, any entrapped water has ample room to expand as it freezes thus reducing freeze damage to your concrete.


How Winterizing Your Pool Saves You Money

Green Pool Stairs

Have you ever tried to clean an old stain out of a carpet?  What about trying to clean a coffee spot from a shirt that was spilled earlier in the morning? I believe that many of us can contend that the longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to clean. We also know the frustration of repairing things that could have been prevented.   This same logic applies to stains or debris that is left in your pool during your off season as well as repairing pool equipment that isn’t in use.  This is why the choice to “winterize pool or not” should have a quick answer. It benefits you to practice prevention. Following is our “Winterize Pool or Not” Q&A which explains how winterizing your pool or spa saves you money:

Why should I clean my pool or spa if I’m just going to cover my pool or spa and close it?

By removing and cleaning stains, leaves, scum and other debris from your pool or spa, you are reducing the opportunity for the items to fix to your pool’s surface.  Stains and fragments that have settled to your pool or spa for weeks or months on end may require the use of more chemicals and supplies than would normally be necessary. This increased use of product and your operator’s time will cost you.

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Why does it matter if our pool equipment runs, as usual, during the off season?

Although you may be generally indifferent to shutting down equipment during the off season, there aren’t many valid reasons to operate equipment that you will not be using. Shutting down pool equipment or running it at a minimum could save you money on your electricity bill. 

Wouldn’t it save money to leave the water in my pool or spa and equipment as is?

No! You actually take the serious risk of losing money. Frozen water will expand and potentially damage your pool’s appearance and your pool equipment. Cracked or busted surfaces, filters, pumps or piping could lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages.



“Winterize pool or not” = “Save money or not”


Bed Bug News


Following is a list of beg bugs articles:

 “Why Are Bed Bugs Making a Comeback in Wake County?”

“Bedbugs Found in Forsyth County DSS Building”


“Mother, Daughter Catch Bed Bugs from Hollywood Cinema”


“Bedbugs Feel Heat at City’s Station 14”


“Bed Bug Problem in Parkersburg”


“Harris County Toll Road Authority Warns Employees of Bed Bug Infestation”


“Bedbugs Found Inside Potawatomi Casino”


“Health Officials: Bed Bugs Problems Increasing”


I don’t know about you but these stories are making me itch! As you can see, we may have to deal with bed bugs at home, bed bugs at work, bed bugs at hotels and so on.  A bed bugs CDC report states that although bed bugs do not transmit disease, they do however cause expense, loss of property and inconvenience. The CDC also advises that there’s a routine check for signs of a bed bugs infestation.


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How Winterizing the Swimming Pool Now Will Benefit You Later


Within the over 80 years of swimming pool industry experience, we’ve noticed that some things never change.  When the weather is nice enough to begin opening outdoor swimming facilities, there is an overall sense of excitement and urgency among guests and residents. People are ready to “go swimming”. Unfortunately, there are a few pools that are unable to open as quickly as desired.  The delayed openings of some pools in the spring are at times due in part to a prior decision to not winterize the pool.  As you ponder on the thought to winterize pool or not, see our list of ways people have benefited in the springtime (in most instances) by winterizing their pool:

  • Clean and sparkling pool water was maintained throughout the winter season
  • Staining was prevented
  • The need to drain the pool was avoided
  • Damage to filters, pumps and other pool equipment caused by freeze damage was prevented
  • Labor expenses for freeze damage was prevented
  • Excessive vacuuming was prevented
  • Rusting of equipment was prevented

Are you ready to winterize your pool? Request a quote

In summary, you should realize that winterizing your pool is a necessity. Electing to not do so will put you at risk of needing to complete extensive cleaning and repairing before you’re able to open your pool in the spring.  Say yes when it comes to deciding to winterize pool or not. It makes spring start up easy and cost efficient. Happy swimmers are those frequenting a pool that has been thoughtfully prepared for use.

Is there a bed bugs quick fix?

When dealing with stinging bites, visible bite marks and untidy insects around a home or business – it’s understandable that one would seek out a bed bugs quick fix. The following information will explain why not just any product is a bed bugs quick fix and what you should look for in a bed bugs pesticide in order to be confident in your bed bugs killer.

Bed Bugs Information:

Beg bugs are most active at night, in areas closest to humans.  Unfortunately, that area is most likely a mattress which makes it very difficult to eliminate the beg bugs. Due to the location of their hiding places (mattress seams, headboard corners etc), you must be very careful during your bed bugs removal process. Spraying certain pesticides on or around your mattress could be harmful to you and your family. This puts a limit on your dosages and application intervals if you aren’t using the correct product. It appears that the bed bugs quick fix is to complete your bed bugs removal process with the correct product from start to finish.

Features of an effective bed bugs pesticide:

  • It does not require dilution which saves time
  • Labeled for use on carpets, beds, furniture and mattresses
  • It has inert crystals, visible under magnified ultraviolet light, which makes it easy to identify areas that have already been treated
  • It’s registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • It dries quickly
  • Labeled to kill bed bugs specifically
  • It’s non residual and the treated items can be used after they’ve dried

In summary, bed bugs reside in areas that are near and dear to humans. The location of the bed bugs makes it difficult to treat them while remaining safe at the same time. In order to best treat bed bugs quickly, it is advised to use a bed bugs pesticide that is specific to their special situation.