Does the heat cause insect problems at your facility?

In the Spring, everything is moving. You may have tenants moving in and out of your apartment complex or you may have an increased amount of guests staying at your hotel for leisure in order to enjoy your clear swimming pool. What you may not have noticed or considered much of an issue are the growing insect problems that this beautiful weather brings.

Last year, I attended a local festival. It was one of the first nice Saturdays that we had that season. The art exhibits, food and live music made for a nice evening. However, it wasn’t long before the festival goers began to comment about and grow concerned about the dozens of ground bees buzzing their ways out of their ground holes.

Following are the issues that were caused by pests:

  • Complete enjoyment was hindered to some degree due to worry about pests
  • Guests stayed clear of certain vendors(costing them business) due to the amount of pests in that area
  • Word of mouth about the festival would have included mention of the bees and possibly causing others to not attend

Those issues, but not limited to, can affect any facility. How many potential tenants would you retain if they notice a bug problem during their tour? How many tenants would want to renew their lease if the apartment grounds are always populated with irritating pests? How many guests would prefer to spend their day at a pool that is bothered by mosquitos?

Do you now feel the need to be informed on how to kill bugs?

Luckily, there are great insecticide products available that have one or more of following features:

  • Immediate activity for paralysis and kill
  • Controls lice on pets
  • May be used in gardens to control beetles, spiders and aphids
  • No sticky residue
  • No strong or repulsive odor
  • Water based
  • Thermal fogging
  • Hits hard to reach areas
  • Up to 4 week residual action
  • Able to contaminate entire insect colonies
  • Powder that clings to insect body hairs

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