About US

Visit our Official Website: Atlanticsolutionsnc.com

Atlantic Solutions was established in 1994, in Chatham County, the heart of North Carolina.

Our company started as a supplier of specialty maintenance products sold to customers in a variety of industries.  As our business has grown, the demand for more products and services has formed the company we are today.  We offer products that are unique, high quality, and, most importantly, products that are effective as solutions to our customer’s needs.

Atlantic Solutions offers a complete line of products and services, including commercial pool and spa care chemicals, in house installation, repair, renovation, and service, maintenance chemicals and products, and industry related training.

For over twenty years, we have been serving companies and facilities, throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, in industries ranging from hospitality, education, fitness, municipalities, construction, military, healthcare, retirement communities, water treatment facilities, apartment communities, hotels, golf courses, resorts, country clubs, and many many more.

Our mission is simple – We strive to consistently offer our customers exceptional products while also providing them with the most economical and innovative solutions to their needs resulting in the highest customer service in our marketplace.

We have built and will continue to grow our business by offering products that meet or surpass industry safety standards, by committing to the use of environmentally safe products, by offering training and consultation to our customers, and by providing licensed, experienced, and competent maintenance, installation, repair, and renovation services to our current and future customers.

Atlantic Solutions, Inc. 125 N. Chatham Parkway, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Ph: 800 476-0895 Email: as@asncinc.com



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