How to protect your swimming pool equipment from freeze damage

When temperatures are supposed to start dropping and freezing conditions are sticking around, it is time to protect your equipment!

Freeze damage can be rather costly.  Especially when there is water leakage as pictured above.

Here are things you can do to protect your equipment:

Protect your pool equipment by being prepared to take the following steps:

  1. Consider installing a freeze protection device on your commercial pool equipment – these devices register the temperature of the water in the plumbing line and turn equipment on when there is a potential for freezing temperatures. The switch also can be set to turn off once the temperature rises above freezing. The general idea is that moving/circulating water tends to keep from freezing.
  2. If you intend on shutting off your equipment, make sure that you open the drain plugs and allow the water to drain from it – turning it off does not simply solve the problem. Equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, etc. is equipped with drain plugs to allow for the equipment to be drained.
  3. If your commercial pool equipment does freeze over but has not burst, allow it to thaw completely before you start it again.
  4. If freezing is becoming a continuous issue in your pump room, take steps to allow for some amount of heating to occur or take steps to insulate the space to help prevent extended durations of freezing temperatures.
  5. Pay particular attention to backflow prevention devices that are typically installed off of you waterline feed into your pump room – they can create a huge mess if allowed to freeze and burst.
  6. If you can’t drain your commercial pool equipment and you have no other choice but to try to make it through an extended period of freezing temperatures, at least leave your equipment running. Contrary to some people’s thinking, it is not advisable to shut your system down.