What are the bed bug infestation signs?



Bed Bugs In Cloths

Bed bugs are becoming a common problem all over the United States. Trips to and from hotels, college & universities, homes and even businesses could result in a bed bug infestation in your own residence or business. These critters can be hard to detect as they are able to hide in cracks, crevices and folds of your mattresses, couches, luggage, rugs and more. They are also small and silent and you may not even realize that you have  a bed bug problem until you awake to find a string of bed bug bite marks.

Following are bed bug signs:

  • Small specks of blood along the seam of your mattress or your sheets
  • Small fecal spots also on the seam of your mattress or your sheets
  • Visible bed bugs either moving along the tucks and corners of your bed and/or furniture
  • Bed bug shells
  • A line of small, itchy, red bites

Once you have confirmed that you have bed bugs, you may also realize that they aren’t in open areas and they are also in areas in which insecticides would pose an issue towards humans.

In order to comfortably eliminate bed bugs, you’ll need a product, such as SteriFab, with the following features:

  • Labeled for mattresses, furniture, carpets etc
  • Kills bed bugs(but not limited to)
  • Has No Odor
  • Fast Drying
  • Non – Residual(treated area can be used after dried)
  • No staining, no dyes and no perfumes