Paper Goods VS Commercial Bathroom Hand Dryers

We may have read hotel reviews by guests that were disappointed in their visits due to the quality of the bathrooms.  Some guests indicate that the place was nice, except for the bad bathroom.  These reviews are read by hundreds of people and that’s not including world of mouth.  A bad bathroom, per say could lose business.  Although, odors can be eliminated and neutralized – that’s not always where the bathroom issues lies.

We may have personally used restrooms that smelled completely pleasant but there were paper towels on the floors near the waste baskets, on the sinks etc.  This can be unpleasant to look at it and simply make the restroom seem dirty.  As always, if a person leaves a restroom due to discomfort – there’s a risk that they may not return.  In order to address this problem, you may consider adding commercial bathroom hand dryers as an additional option.  You’ll always have people that have a preference to use paper goods or hand dryers but presenting the option may reduce some of the unnecessary paper towel clutter.