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Is there an ice melt safe for concrete?

Caution Ice

Freezing precipitation is here! We’ve provided Tips on How to Winterize an In ground Pool and Steps to Protect Your Swimming Pool Equipment from Freeze Damage so you’re well equipped to protect your swimming pool and pool equipment during the winter. But, what about your concrete?

During the chilly winter, we’re bound to have freezing rain or snow leading to iced over concrete sidewalks and entrances. It goes without saying that you wish to prevent your guests and residents from any injuries caused by ice. Using ice melt will clear your walkways & make it safe for your guests and residents. But, melting snow with salt will create another problem within the cracks and crevices of your concrete.

Your concrete is subject to freeze damage.  Once you apply ice melt, the water will possibly run into your concrete’s cracks and crevices.  Depending on the temperature, the water may refreeze within the cracks, expand and leave your lovely concrete pathways appearing like the concrete in the images below:

No one wants unsightly walkways as a result of ole man winter and no one certainly intends to ignore the need to use ice melt altogether as doing so could have serious consequences. Now, you’re probably wondering how to melt ice without destroying your concrete.  You can continue to use salt for ice but you should use salt that’s safe for concrete.

To date, Ice Fighter Plus® is the only patented snow and ice melt salt safe to use on concrete.  Ice Fighter Plus® is a 2 component system made of a propolyice patented inhibitor coated into the ice melt product. Melted ice/snow combines with the propolyice to form a polymer barrier that reduces the amount of water entering into the pores of the concrete. With Ice Fighter Plus®, any entrapped water has ample room to expand as it freezes thus reducing freeze damage to your concrete.