How Winterizing Your Pool Saves You Money

Green Pool Stairs

Have you ever tried to clean an old stain out of a carpet?  What about trying to clean a coffee spot from a shirt that was spilled earlier in the morning? I believe that many of us can contend that the longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to clean. We also know the frustration of repairing things that could have been prevented.   This same logic applies to stains or debris that is left in your pool during your off season as well as repairing pool equipment that isn’t in use.  This is why the choice to “winterize pool or not” should have a quick answer. It benefits you to practice prevention. Following is our “Winterize Pool or Not” Q&A which explains how winterizing your pool or spa saves you money:

Why should I clean my pool or spa if I’m just going to cover my pool or spa and close it?

By removing and cleaning stains, leaves, scum and other debris from your pool or spa, you are reducing the opportunity for the items to fix to your pool’s surface.  Stains and fragments that have settled to your pool or spa for weeks or months on end may require the use of more chemicals and supplies than would normally be necessary. This increased use of product and your operator’s time will cost you.

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Why does it matter if our pool equipment runs, as usual, during the off season?

Although you may be generally indifferent to shutting down equipment during the off season, there aren’t many valid reasons to operate equipment that you will not be using. Shutting down pool equipment or running it at a minimum could save you money on your electricity bill. 

Wouldn’t it save money to leave the water in my pool or spa and equipment as is?

No! You actually take the serious risk of losing money. Frozen water will expand and potentially damage your pool’s appearance and your pool equipment. Cracked or busted surfaces, filters, pumps or piping could lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages.



“Winterize pool or not” = “Save money or not”