Bed Bug News


Following is a list of beg bugs articles:

 “Why Are Bed Bugs Making a Comeback in Wake County?”

“Bedbugs Found in Forsyth County DSS Building”


“Mother, Daughter Catch Bed Bugs from Hollywood Cinema”


“Bedbugs Feel Heat at City’s Station 14”


“Bed Bug Problem in Parkersburg”


“Harris County Toll Road Authority Warns Employees of Bed Bug Infestation”


“Bedbugs Found Inside Potawatomi Casino”


“Health Officials: Bed Bugs Problems Increasing”


I don’t know about you but these stories are making me itch! As you can see, we may have to deal with bed bugs at home, bed bugs at work, bed bugs at hotels and so on.  A bed bugs CDC report states that although bed bugs do not transmit disease, they do however cause expense, loss of property and inconvenience. The CDC also advises that there’s a routine check for signs of a bed bugs infestation.


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