How Winterizing the Swimming Pool Now Will Benefit You Later


Within the over 80 years of swimming pool industry experience, we’ve noticed that some things never change.  When the weather is nice enough to begin opening outdoor swimming facilities, there is an overall sense of excitement and urgency among guests and residents. People are ready to “go swimming”. Unfortunately, there are a few pools that are unable to open as quickly as desired.  The delayed openings of some pools in the spring are at times due in part to a prior decision to not winterize the pool.  As you ponder on the thought to winterize pool or not, see our list of ways people have benefited in the springtime (in most instances) by winterizing their pool:

  • Clean and sparkling pool water was maintained throughout the winter season
  • Staining was prevented
  • The need to drain the pool was avoided
  • Damage to filters, pumps and other pool equipment caused by freeze damage was prevented
  • Labor expenses for freeze damage was prevented
  • Excessive vacuuming was prevented
  • Rusting of equipment was prevented

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In summary, you should realize that winterizing your pool is a necessity. Electing to not do so will put you at risk of needing to complete extensive cleaning and repairing before you’re able to open your pool in the spring.  Say yes when it comes to deciding to winterize pool or not. It makes spring start up easy and cost efficient. Happy swimmers are those frequenting a pool that has been thoughtfully prepared for use.