Disinfectants: How to Avoid Getting Sick While In The Hospital


During the summer months, it’s typically the nicest time of the year. Most of us take advantage by vacationing, sending our kids to summer camps, grilling out and traveling near and far.  Unfortunately,  the spike with activities increases the injuries and illnesses during the summer.  There are summer camp injuries, summer heat and burn injuries, insect bites leading to allergic reactions and so on.  Despite efforts taken towards preventing summer injuries, some of these regretted  incidents lead to hospital visits.

I recall visiting the emergency room as a kid for the chicken pox. At the time,  it was world stopping for me.  However, I remember a nurse having a serious discussion with my parents about bringing me in for the chicken pox.  I don’t recall the exact circumstance completely but in summary we were told that there were kids in the children’s wing suffering with terminal illnesses and the last thing they would want on top of it was a breakout of the chicken pox. We were advised to call ahead for that type of things in order to keep me separate.  Even though that incident was many years ago, it still rings very true. No one wants to go in for a sprained ankle and  contract the common cold or other infections due to a lack of preventing cross contamination in the hospital.

In a March 26th, 2014 press release, the Center for Disease Control reported that 1 in at least 25 hospital patients have contracted an infection during their hospital stay.

With this being said, we should identify the need in disinfecting waiting rooms, patient rooms,  the triag etc. Not only would it be wise to make it a daily routine, but care should be used in selecting  the proper disinfectants.  Hospitals are already  critical locations thus making it wise to use environment specific products such as LemonGuard II which are specifically designed for ,hospitals/nursing homes, places that have a serious need to control the hazards of cross contamination.

Following are LemonGuard II features that would be ideal cleaning products for hospitals/nursing homes:

  • Phosphate-Free
  • pH Neutral
  • Economical
  • Fast Rinsing
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Safe on Waxed Floors

If you would like to discuss LemonGuard II further, feel free to contact us and/or explore our housekeeping section for more products, such as Foam Care Medicated, that may be used to keep your healthcare facility as safe as possible.