How to clean hard to remove water stains from bathroom surfaces

Despite regular and serious cleaning of your bathrooms, you may notice that hard water stains develop fairly quickly and are hard stains (no pun intended) to remove. These stains can throw off the entire look of a freshly cleaned bathroom in your apartment complexes, hotels and businesses. We understand your possible frustration with dealing with hard stains and are providing you with instructions on how the specialty chemical, Vivid, can help.

Vivid is a viscous clinging bowl cleaner. In addition to treating hard water stains, it can also be used on rust, discoloration and calcium stains.  Although it is a clinging bowl cleaner, it can be used on urinals, ceramic tiles and shower stalls all the same.

Following are the features of Vivid:

  • Will not harm skin
  • No acidic fumes
  • Will not damage floors
  • Pleasant aroma

Now that you know what Vivid is and does, following are the step by step instructions on how to use it to treat hard to remove water stains from bathroom surfaces:


  1. Apply full strength directly to bowl
  2. Mop or swab inside of bowl and flush

Note: Stubborn stains may require a second application

  1. After bowl has been cleaned thoroughly and flushed, a solution of 2 or 3 ounces of Vivid poured into bowl may be used to clean toilet seats, hold bolts, outside of fixture, and floor area directly in front of fixture
  2. Rinse thoroughly after use


Atlantic Solutions Vivid product demonstration: