Are you trying to prevent a Norovirus outbreak at your facility?




In early June 2014, the public was informed about a Norovirus outbreak around the Chapel Hill, NC area. Several students attending a local instiution were showing the following Norovirus symptons:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

Unfortunately, the Noro virus spreads quickly and it may continue to spread even when the vius signs are not present. Following are ways that the Norovisu spreads:

  • Contact with a person with the illness
  • Touching a contaminated surface
  • Sharing food that has been handled by a person suffering from the illness

According to the Center of Disease Control, the Norovirus is the number 1 foodbourne illness!

The Norovirus appears to be an illness that could unsuspectingly outbreak in cafeterias, schools, hospitals, campuses, workplaces, retirement communities, apartments, hotels and so many other common areas. I think we all know at least one person that will never eat at a certain place again because of that one time the food made them sick, or the people that will not go on cruises because they’re afraid they’ll get sick because of the confined areas or the people that are hurt because they must miss work due to outbreaks.

Sadly, this current Norovirus problem isn’t the first time that North Carolina has had to deal with it in the last few months.  In December 2013, the North Carolina Health & Human’s Department advised the public of an outbreak of the Norovirus. Considering that there isn’t a vacination to date, it appears that this virus could become a patterned problem that affects your business and leisure. However,  we are providing the following prevention tips for you to help attempt to prevent outbreaks:

HAND WASHING: Use actual soap for hand cleaning as opposed to hand sanitizers. If you are limited to a hand sanitizer, use an alcohol based product.

CLEAN SURFACES: Clean surfaces thoroughly, espeically those that have been potentially contaimnated. Bleach is a suggested cleaning product.

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Also, ultilize this FREE “Preventing Norovirus Outbreak” bullentin prepared by the Center of Disease Control!