AquaPhalt Permanent Pothole Repair


Did you know that the pothole repair material for asphalt and concrete can be installed fairly simply?

Following are the AquaPhalt instructions:

  1. Clear the area of loose items and debris using a broom, a rake and/or a shovel.
  2. Pour the AquaPhalt into the area and smooth and level it out. You could use your shovel or rake for this step too! The product should raise an estimated inch above the surrounding area in anticipation of compaction.
  3. Use water to soak and then harden the product.  Smooth the AquaPhalt using a roller or hand tamper. Add more Aquaphalt to the area as needed by following these steps.  Once you’re all done, rinse the area clean!

We’re here for you if you have any questions or would like further product details!