PK Grills for Sale at a Pool Supply Store?

PK Grill Picture

Does Atlantic Solutions carry PK Grills?

When searching for PK Grill dealers, big box department stores and home improvement stores may come to mind. You wouldn’t typically consider a pool supply store to be a source for grills, but why not? As you go for a nice swim, have fun at pool parties; relax by the pool – what better way to complete the experience than to enjoy food fresh off of the grill? Atlantic Solutions does stock PK Grills.

What makes the PK Grills so special?

  • Direct or Indirect Cooking Options

    • Rustproof and Durable
    • Heat Retention
    • Precise Control

    And more!!!

    What are the PK Grill accessories?

    • Add on grids for more space
    • Grill Covers

    And more!!!

    What are the PK Grill dimensions?

    The girl and cart is 34.75″H x 16.75″W x 34″L and the grill only is 14″H x 15.38″W x 26.25″L#.

    Where are PK Grills made?

    They are made by hand in the USA.


    Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this grill further!