AquaPhalt Permanent Pothole Repair


Did you know that the pothole repair material for asphalt and concrete can be installed fairly simply?

Following are the AquaPhalt instructions:

  1. Clear the area of loose items and debris using a broom, a rake and/or a shovel.
  2. Pour the AquaPhalt into the area and smooth and level it out. You could use your shovel or rake for this step too! The product should raise an estimated inch above the surrounding area in anticipation of compaction.
  3. Use water to soak and then harden the product.  Smooth the AquaPhalt using a roller or hand tamper. Add more Aquaphalt to the area as needed by following these steps.  Once you’re all done, rinse the area clean!

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Steps to protect your commercial pool equipment from freeze damage

Before you know it, it will be that time of the year when temperatures drop, freezing conditions persist, and pool equipment is damaged.  


Yes! Following are pictures of equipment that are in need of repair or replacement due to freeze damage:

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The freeze damage shown above can be rather costly. As you can see, especially with the water leakage, the incorrect decision when you’re deciding to winterize pool or not could leave your pump room in a mess that could be avoided.

While we do have a little bit of time before we reach those freezing temperatures, it is a good idea to gain the knowledge you’ll need in order to be prepared for preventing freeze damage.

Protect your pool equipment by being prepared to take the following steps:

  1. Consider installing a freeze protection device on your commercial pool equipment – these devices register the temperature of the water in the plumbing line and turn equipment on when there is a potential for freezing temperatures. The switch also can be set to turn off once the temperature rises above freezing. The general idea is that moving/circulating water tends to keep from freezing.
  2. If you intend on shutting off your equipment, make sure that you open the drain plugs and allow the water to drain from it – turning it off does not simply solve the problem. Equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, etc. is equipped with drain plugs to allow for the equipment to be drained.
  3. If your commercial pool equipment does freeze over but has not burst, allow it to thaw completely before you start it again.
  4. If freezing is becoming a continuous issue in your pump room, take steps to allow for some amount of heating to occur or take steps to insulate the space to help prevent extended durations of freezing temperatures.
  5. Pay particular attention to backflow prevention devices that are typically installed off of you waterline feed into your pump room – they can create a huge mess if allowed to freeze and burst.
  6. If you can’t drain your commercial pool equipment and you have no other choice but to try to make it through an extended period of freezing temperatures, at least leave your equipment running. Contrary to some people’s thinking, it is not advisable to shut your system down.


Swimming Pool Hydrostatic Pressure Problems & Solutions


Hydrostatic Pressure Defined: The pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases in proportion to depth measured from the surface because of the increasing weight of fluid exerting downward force from above.

What does this mean for a swimming pool?  Hydrostatic pressure problems consist of the pressure of the buildup fluid/water pressing against the pool surface. This could cause the swimming pool’s surface to crack leading to serious damages. In certain cases in which swimming pools are empty during the effects of hydrostatic pressure, the swimming pool’s surface could lift completely out of the ground causing an extreme financial responsibility for repairs.

Are there any hydrostatic pressure testing pumps and equipment available to prevent this?  A recommended method to prevent hydrostatic pressure pool damage is by installing hydrostatic relief valves. When fluid/water presses up against the pool surface, the hydrostatic relief valves will open and provide an entryway for the water thus reducing the buildup pressure.


PK Grills for Sale at a Pool Supply Store?

PK Grill Picture

Does Atlantic Solutions carry PK Grills?

When searching for PK Grill dealers, big box department stores and home improvement stores may come to mind. You wouldn’t typically consider a pool supply store to be a source for grills, but why not? As you go for a nice swim, have fun at pool parties; relax by the pool – what better way to complete the experience than to enjoy food fresh off of the grill? Atlantic Solutions does stock PK Grills.

What makes the PK Grills so special?

  • Direct or Indirect Cooking Options

    • Rustproof and Durable
    • Heat Retention
    • Precise Control

    And more!!!

    What are the PK Grill accessories?

    • Add on grids for more space
    • Grill Covers

    And more!!!

    What are the PK Grill dimensions?

    The girl and cart is 34.75″H x 16.75″W x 34″L and the grill only is 14″H x 15.38″W x 26.25″L#.

    Where are PK Grills made?

    They are made by hand in the USA.


    Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this grill further!

Bed Bugs FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


A few Bed Bugs FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


These insects and their problems do not have anything to do with the cleanliness of your bed. In fact, regularly cleaned hotel guest rooms are subject to the problems. In order to fully understand this, you must understand what bed bugs are and the history of their name.

They are are nocturnal insects that survive off of the blood of animals or humans. These insects are most active at night, in locations very close to humans. The most common location of humans at night is beds which is where these bugs are most likely to infest. However, bed bug signs may be found in couches or any other area that humans rest at.


The bugs “hitch rides”. They’re notorious for crawling from a mattress into suitcases, out of bags into other purses or bags etc. Most commonly, beg bugs come from hotels or locations subjects to travelers. So, if you have seen one of these creatures on your job and wondered “bed bugs how do they spread?” it likely crawled out of someone’s laptop carrier case.


It depends. Even if extreme cold kills bed bugs, it is unlikely to be that cold in your home or business. A temp of 120 Degrees F or higher is fatal for most insects so long as the insects have no way to immediately relocate to a cooler area. The high temperatures are normally reached with steamers or dryers.


No. Although you are sealing up their hiding places on your mattress and trapping any bugs already on your mattress, the remaining bed bugs could find other places to hide in your home. In addition, they’ll still get onto your mattress especially when you’re resting.

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